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  1. Vicki Tennant says:

    So happy I found you tonight. I’ve been looking for you for awhile, and it never dawned on me to google elizalou.com. Thank you for continuing to blog and thank you for being you. I just turned 50, and I have to say, getting older rocks. It’s pretty much like you don’t have the time anymore for BS, and you think a lot about doing things that’ll make you happy. So I’m in training for a call center job, and I hear my new boss is a backstabber, but I’m also going to go back to school to be a Physical Therapy Assistant, so I don’t sweat the call center politics so much. I was born and raised in Seattle/Bellevue until 9th grade and am happy you made it to such a beautiful place and BEYOND THRILLED you went to the San Juan Islands. Our family went there every summer as my grandparents owned a house at Roche Harbor, about 20 minutes outside of Friday Harbor. Please read “Book” – favorite book of mine in a long time – it haunts me, but in a good way.


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