As 2012 goes on, I’m going to try to look back at the end of each month, just to keep up with my own life.


  • The Submission by Amy Waldman: Did not care for it very much. A bit melodramatic, maybe, for me.
  • Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley: Printz winner by a Louisiana native. Wonderful.
  • There But For The by Ali Smith: Hate.
  • Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. Love.


  • 50/50 ~ Liked it!
  • Moneyball ~ Surpassed my expectations. Enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Big Miracle ~ My brother & sister-in-law and I were the only ones in the theater, which led to misbehaving and not really being able to get into the movie. I enjoyed the snacks & company, though.
  • Certified Copy ~ I love Juliette Binoche beyond reason and she owned every moment she was onscreen, but I did not get this movie.
  • Higher Ground ~ I wanted to like this, and I liked little moments of it, but I don’t think I can get behind Vera Farmiga.
  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore ~ The best film I saw this month.
  • Midnight in Paris ~ I saw this only because Kymm and my brother said I had to. And I’m glad they did. I thought it was totally a delight. As is Kymm’s review:

Mom, a consummate cream puff-smasher, asked me at home, “But how did he get back to the ’20s?” “Because it’s Paris!” I answered, and I realized that that was probably the reason.


  • Downton Abbey: Even though it kind of went of the rails in some ways, my love was brought back around in full force by the end of the Christmas special, and I can’t wait until season 3.
  • Parenthood: This show officially makes me cry in every episode. Sometimes in every scene of every episode.
  • Raising Hope: The Valentine’s episode was probably my favorite episode ever. Romantic, hilarious, and beyond clever.


At long last, I downloaded a bunch of songs from So You Think You Can Dance that I’ve always loved, and life is all the more better for it. I get to listen to “Battlefield” while acting out the crazy good choreography in my mind and pretending I have Jeanine’s hair, and what’s not to love about reliving this weird awesomeness?

I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack of The Preacher’s Wife on repeat every single day for several weeks.

Trips & Fun Times:

New Orleans to see Morris Lessmore. Which you have watched by now, right? RIGHT?

Other highlights in terms of fun: Girls dinner for my birthday where I laughed so hard I thought I might actually throw up, Mardi Gras afternoon not at a parade but on a friend’s patio with some of my favorite people & their daughters and vats of tacos and pink daiquiris, and a gig of my brother’s which which was more fun than any gig has ever been before. I was so excited and proud that I basically had an out of body experience.


Let us not speak of this.

Favorite things on Internet:

Favorite thing on TV:

I can’t really explain how much joy this brought to my heart. I might need to watch it every day for the rest of my life.

New cars:

None. I really should get on this, as I’m not sure how much longer I can drive around town in the giant boat of a borrowed vehicle I’m careening around in, though I’m lucky to have use of it. I think I want to buy a volkswagen of some kind, for I think they are cute, but I’m in denial, kind of.

Most important beverage:

The last week of the month brought the seasonal release of my most favorite beer, not only because it tastes yummy, because it it also tastes like parades, festivals, boiled crawfish, patios, and love. It tastes like spring. My sweet friend/co-worker who knew what I needed delivered my first of the season to my office on my birthday.

Pets still alive:

All. Daisy’s got some strangeness going on that I’ll spare you from describing, but the vet said yesterday that she’d have to be put under to fix it, and since she’s 13 and has a rather high grade heart murmur, if it’s not affecting her quality of life, we should just watch it for now, even though it’s kind of grotesque. Old age is not for wimps, is all I’m saying. She’s still as sweet as she can damn be.

Ice cream eaten:

So much. Until Ash Wednesday, which brought the giving up of sweets for physical health and, for mental and spiritual health, the Real Housewives.


Birthday celebrating was kind of staggered this year because of the day on which it actually fell (a very busy Tuesday at work). But throughout the week, there were some swell visits and meals and cocktails with family and friends, some heartfelt cards & thoughtful gifts, some bright & sunny flowers delivered at work, and let’s not forget the weird futuristic delight that is one’s birthday Facebook wall.


Every day when I get home from work and the first thing I encounter is the neighbors out on their patio and their singing, strumming, whistling, knee-slapping, and hollering at my geriatric dogs through plumes of smoke and billowing beards, I die a little inside. And tragically, there’s now an accordion. To drown them out, I’ve been listening to a lot of “I Go to the Rock.”

Speaking of Whitney:

In February, I cried many tears over Whitney Houston. Countless numbers of us have our stories and reasons why we loved her, and mine certainly aren’t anything special, but she was special to me. I loved her when I was ten years old and never stopped, and I will love her always. Hers was the first concert I ever attended. It was 1987, in the Superdome, and she was my favorite person in the world. Remember how Anastasia Krupnik would make lists of things she loved and things she hated in separate columns? I copied this idea in my childhood diary. For 1986, in my “Loves” column, I listed the following, in this order: my mom, my dad, my sister, my brothers, garlic bread, our cat, my grandmother’s dog, school, summer, fifth grade, my teacher, and Whitney Housten [sic].

Flowers, Plants, Trees:

Azaleas. They’re here way, way too early, but they’re here. I’m also fond of the tulips planted at work, the Chinese witch hazel blooming in my front yard, the tiny bursts of leaves on my crape myrtles, and my red begonias in my flower boxes that don’t care what season it is and just really seem to love being alive.

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  1. Eccaka says:

    I found It’s a Brad, Brad World fairly boring, but that Les Miz flash mob was THE coolest, most romantic thing I have ever seen :) When I saw the show I was bawling.

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