And in the end, there will be transformation.

For me, entertainment has been about one thing lately, and that’s this show. I’d never heard of it until my little brother told me about it at the end of 2010, and finally I got around to Netflixing it. And oh. I am so glad I did.

It’s about a Shakespearean theater company in Canada. Each of the three seasons centers mainly around one play … Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear, respectively. Even though these are obviously tragedies, the show is also very comedic, often in the most absurd ways.

There are only six episodes per season, so the whole series moves very quickly. There are few things I love more than stories about putting on a show, and I can’t think of one that does it better than this.

This is one of those rare shows that pays attention to all the little details, and all of the details feel right. You know what I mean … from the big moments with the main characters to the little reaction shots by the minor players in the corners of every frame … it’s all so carefully constructed and brilliant.

“This actor is a genius!” “Whoever wrote this is a genius!” “This director is a genius!” These are the thoughts that ran through my head through every episode.

Every episode made me laugh out loud, and some episodes even made me cry. It’s about friendship and death and silliness and art and loss and dreams and true love.

It’s romantic, profane, hilarious, thought-provoking, and sad, and it’s about how crazy people are, and how wonderful.

And it treats art and literature and theater, even at their most ridiculous, like they’re important.  This feels like one of those shows for me that changes everything, like, once you watch it, life feels a little bit funnier, a little bit deeper, and you are different. You are better.

I loved it.

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