Here are some things that have made me smile recently:

Standing around the island in my friend’s kitchen with her, her husband, her mom, her sister, and her four-year-old daughter as we adults started randomly singing “Dumb Dog” from Annie (her husband making the tinkly doo-doo-doo-doo background notes quite impressively) and the little girl just sat there looking at us like we were all nuts. I started laughing as we wrapped it up, and she said, “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” not unlike this kid, which just made me laugh harder. Then she said to me, “Why do you sing so weird?” and I just had to shrug.

Watching The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, which I found entirely hilarious and strangely riveting.

Going out for a nice dinner with B.

Seeing my mom’s azaleas in bloom.

One of Mom's azaleas

Hearing about how my dad cannot tolerate the small cups of coffee in Rome so, on a recent visit, brought several large to-go coffee cups from his favorite coffee shop here at home and took one with him every time he ordered coffee. He ordered a café Americano, an espresso, and a cappuccino and poured them all together into his large Styrofoam cup. At first he got weird looks from the locals, but then, he said, they began to envy his giant cup of coffee deliciousness as he strolled out with his cup. When they sat in the audience before the Pope, he aimed his camera at the man but not before placing his coffee cup on the railing. Coffee cup in the foreground, Pope in the background.

Hearing the theme music begin in the trailer for the new Indiana Jones movie. My sister says she does not remember the movies well; I do, especially the second and third – I think I spent a lot of time watching them at a friend’s house. I am super pumped about this one.

Schuyler's Monster

Spending yesterday in its entirety with my sister on a warm and sunny Sunday. We went to see Definitely, Maybe, which was very sweet and cute, ate soup and salads outside on a nearby restaurant’s patio, got coffee, walked to an estate sale, went to the bookstore and posed dorkily with Rob’s book, drove around listening to showtunes, had heart-to-heart conversations, and went to the pottery painting place. It was very nice. Then we went to my parents’ house for a dinner of shrimp & corn soup. Glorious!

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