• The major development around here is that I adopted a baby born in January who is perfect in every way. This has turned life upside down, obviously, but in the best way. This post will cover the past few months as a whole.


  • I haven’t read a real book since 2014 unless it’s about babies and how to keep them alive. Will I read a novel in 2015? Time will tell. What should it be?


  • Brandi Carlile’s new album is the most exciting new music for me. Eternal love!
  • I’m also super excited about The Weepies — comes out next month. When I learned Deb Talan had breast cancer … damn. But it sounds like she is doing well and this album will touch on that experience. I think it will be awesome.
  • Meanwhile, I am already predicting that I will listen to no music more in 2015 than the music of Empire. This is a very enjoyable post ranking the show’s songs, and I agree with the verdict that “You’re So Beautiful”, in its various versions, is the best. The White Party version? Are you kidding? And the version at the bar where everyone sings it together? Endorphins. I think my runner-up is “Conqueror,” just because I loved that scene so much because it’s just Jamal being Jamal, joyfully creating music and being free.


  • The Last Five Years ~ Melissa first told me about this musical in 2003 when I was going through a rather savage break-up. It was love at first listen, and I’ve never stopped loving it. This is kind of a weird movie, but then it’s kind of a weird musical. It sure does make New York look beautiful. Anna Kendrick is predictably good. But Jeremy Jordan is G R E A T. There is no voice in theater that can touch Norbert Leo Butz’s for me … maybe Brian Darcy James’ comes close … but Jordan’s voice is no joke. And he does a fine job of making a character who behaves (spoiler!) badly likable anyway. Ugh. EFFING JAMIE. Anyway – Jeremy Jordan is a star. A star! Even though I can’t hear his name without remembering Donna Martin saying “Jeremy Jordan, all right!” in that 90210 ad from the days of yore.
  • Neighbors ~ Hilarious. Rose Byrne stole the movie, and that’s what I liked best about it. I love Rose Byrne! Let’s go watch her as Rose in I Capture the Castle again. She was the perfect Rose. She can do anything, I think.
  • Obvious Child ~ Very, very, very good.
  • The Duff ~ Mae Whitman, as ever, can do no wrong, and the guy in the movie was VERY cute and good. A fun birthday outing with girlfriends.


  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ~ Singlehandedly saved the day the baby got first shots … this poor child just wanted to sleep while being held, and rocking while watching this and giggling hard and trying not to wake the baby up was a day I will remember fondly (shot sorrow notwithstanding).
  • Felicity ~ On a dark, dark day a few weeks into motherhood, I decided I wanted to watch this but couldn’t face going into the messy hall closet to get the DVDs of each season, which I own. And I couldn’t find it streaming anywhere and wept in defeat. Wept like a crazy person. Then I found it on Hulu Plus and all was right again. This, along with A Different World, have made Hulu Plus worth its weight in gold to me. They are like comfort food.
  • Empire ~ This is my new obsession. I thought it would be a guilty pleasure, but then I just end up falling in love with everything about it. Especially Jamal. JAMAL! I spend a lot of time thinking about Jamal. But really — everyone is so good. And the music, as mentioned, is beyond. And noticing Taraji P. Henson as an R.A. in season 1 of Felicity made me laugh and laugh. She is amazing and I can’t remember when I loved a TV character more than Cookie Lyon.


  • I discovered Totally Mommy in my nonstop searches for podcasts featuring Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham and just decided to go back and listen to them all. I’m making my way through them as the age of their baby then matches up with the age of my baby now, usually as we’re strolling the neighborhood for hours on end, and it’s been really valuable both entertainment and info-wise. I really love it. It is a lifeline and a light. Thank you, Elizabeth Laime, Andy, and all of the wonderful guests.

Favorite things on Internet:

  • I am very, very, very excited about all things Hamilton. Just knowing it’s out there makes me happy. As did this tweet.

Best Food Eaten:

Snacks for dinner when my beloved friend from First Descents came to visit.


Pets Still Alive:

Both. My friend Kristen took this photo of Marley, who continues to barf her way through life. Zuko, who hates sirens and alarms, heard about two seconds of crying and decided he wants nothing to do with any baby, any time, anywhere. I think if he’s still alive (15!) when the baby starts dropping food he might change his tune but for now he’s dunzo with us all.


Sipping and Seeing:

Dear friends hosted the loveliest sip and see for the baby … it will always be one of my favorite memories of my earliest days as a mom.


Flowers, Trees, and Plants:

My favorite maternity leave activity has been our walks around the neighborhood. Spring is here, and it is wondrous. The Bob stroller is the greatest investment I’ve made as a mother, and when it gets too hot to walk with the baby, all may be dross. But we’re really loving it for now. I will forever be thankful that my maternity leave fell during spring.

IMG_5630 IMG_5624 IMG_5619 IMG_5618IMG_5447IMG_5308

Best Art:

This photo does it no justice, but I am thrilled to have been given the very first in a series of prints by my sweet friend Madeline, whose creativity and kindness know no bounds. I love it so much, and it is hanging happily in the baby’s room. It is a treasure.


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35 Responses to March

  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations! What a lucky baby you have, and what a lucky parent you are. I’m so glad you found each other.

  2. Jennifer says:

    It is simply not possible for me to be more thrilled for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Single motherhood is TOUGH, no question about it, but it’s also the most wonderful, rewarding, amazing thing ever. :-)

  3. Nicola says:

    Congrats. You’ll be such a wonderful Mum!

    • eliza says:

      Thank you! I just washed a diaper and it exploded all over the washing machine and the clothes. Other than that, it’s going pretty well!

  4. Maureen says:

    Eliza!! What wonderful news! I am so, so happy for you and the little one. I wish you all the joy in the world.

    I had to laugh at the comment about Zuko-our golden retriever gained about 10 lbs when my daughter started dropping food from her high chair. She used to skewer a section of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her finger, and offer it to him so he could share with her. HA! Hard to believe she will be 21 in June!

    • eliza says:

      I can’t believe you have a nearly 21-year-old, Marueen! It is good to hear from you … I don’t know if Zuko will live that long, but I hope so, because I think it will just make him so happy!

  5. Leslie says:

    Wow! Congratulations!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Thrilled to learn you have a little one! Congratulations.

  7. Stacey says:

    So, so happy for you! Congratulations!

  8. Erica says:

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you!

  9. Melody says:

    Congratulations on the new baby! How wonderful!

  10. Heather P says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for so much happiness and love.

  11. Megan says:

    Most excellent news. You bit the bullet! So happy for you and your family.

  12. Angie says:

    As someone who has followed your journal for so long, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and your new baby! Thank you so much for sharing this with us–it’s such a wonderful, momentous occasion and just plain AWESOME! Best wishes to you and your new addition:)

  13. Patty says:

    Been reading your blog since Draw the Girl days! So thrilled for your family addition. Sounds like you are finding ways to nurture yourself as you nurture your new baby!

  14. Dora says:

    Have been reading you since the beginning of time, honestly. Could not be happier for you! Hope you’re enjoying — parenting an infant is a wild ride so OK if “enjoying” is not the first word that comes to mind. Would love to hear more — whenever you’re ready.

  15. Sondra says:

    Another long-time reader of yours who is so thrilled to hear about your baby! What a very lucky duo you will be. :)

  16. Maureen says:

    Just wanted to check in-I know how busy you must be with the little one, but would love a quick update if you ever have time. Even a line like “life is good”…

    I hope this doesn’t sound like pressure, but more that people probably all over the world care about you! I’m hoping that life with baby is as joyful as can be.

    • Eliza says:

      Hi Maureen! So good to hear from you. Hope to get a post up very soon! All is well.

    • eliza says:

      Thanks so much, Maureen!! Believe it or not, I have a post almost ready to go up, four months in the making … not sure if it will make any sense, but it’ll go up soon. Good to hear from you!

  17. Lisa Sage says:

    SO! HAPPY! to finally read this. I had joined the mailing list under my work email and I just realized my email changed…so I hadn’t had an update in forever and I worried. This is the best news I could possibly hear! I too have been reading you forever and ever and ever and I’m so excited to catch up on the baby news <3

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