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One day I could see it

I love rugs. I think rugs are important, especially in a house with no carpet. Rugs look pretty and feel good under your feet. I have spent hours, nay, days of my life poring over rugs online. They are sort … Continue reading

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More music miscellany

CHURCH So I went to Ash Wednesday services. My plan was to ash and dash, that is, dart out after communion, but damn it if “Be Not Afraid” wasn’t the communion hymn, which sucked me in and made me stay. … Continue reading

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They’d waltz the aisles of the five & dime

I’ve been borrowing a car the past couple of months for doggie transport, and the very best part of this car is the tape deck. I pulled the shoebox of old mix tapes out and they’ve been my companions on … Continue reading

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