July 15, 2004

Emmy Nominations

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Larry David ~ Curb Your Enthusiasm

Never seen it.

John Ritter ~ 8 Simple Rules

I never really watched this show until the tribute to him when he died, and I'll admit that the reel had me laughing and crying. Who can argue with honoring him? Not me.

Kelsey Grammer ~ Frasier

You can't deny that the man is good, but I can deny him another award. Make way, Kelsey. Make way.

Matt LeBlanc ~ Friends

At first I wanted Joey with Rachel just because I wanted him to catch a break, but then I realized that he was too good for her. Matt LeBlanc actually gave Joey a lot of depth in the last season, and I am glad he is being recognized again. I don't really have high hopes for the spin-off, but you never know.

Tony Shalhoub ~ Monk

I'm not a Monk viewer, but I've really liked him ever since he played Antonio on Wings.

Note: Disappointed not to see Zach Braff or Jason Bateman on the list.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Patricia Heaton ~ Everybody Loves Raymond

There was a time when I was a huge fan of this show for a few years, but that time has passed. She's won enough times already.

Jennifer Aniston ~ Friends

Whatever. I will never understand why she is regarded as the best of the actresses on this show, at least according to her nominations and win at the Emmys. I think it's really shitty that Courteney Cox has never been acknowledged (I am one of the few people, I guess, who does not hate Monica), because she's turned in consistently funny performances and she's certainly just as funny if not funnier than Aniston. Barf.

Bonnie Hunt ~ Life with Bonnie

I'm kind of sad that this show got cancelled, because I like Bonnie Hunt and it was nice to see her have a good run for a little while. I didn't see this show very many times, but she always made me laugh when I did, especially when she was drinking that nasty soup in the commercial.

Jane Kaczmarek ~ Malcom in the Middle

I like seeing her at these shows mostly because I love the lovely coupleness exuded by her and Bradley Whitford. They are always so nice on the red carpet, even to the most annoying correspondents, and their speeches are always great.

Sarah Jessica Parker ~ Sex & the City

I have mixed feelings about her. Sometimes I love her and think she's genuinely awesome, and sometimes I think it's all a big act of ooey gooey sincerity that just doesn't wash. Mostly, I like her. I guess I'd be okay with her winning.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

James Spader ~ The Practice

Wow, this nomination surprised me. He is such a blast from my past because I'm not sure I'll ever be able to see past Pretty in Pink. I'm glad that he's making this little comeback. He is so good at oozing vileness in this weird sexy way. I would sort of get a kick out of his winning.

James Gandolfini ~ The Sopranos

He's going to win.

Kiefer Sutherland ~ 24

What can I even say about him? He first appeared in my life as Ace in Stand By Me and shortly thereafter as David the vampire in The Lost Boys, and he's never really stopped scaring me since. I don't watch this show anymore, but I used to really like him on it.

Martin Sheen ~ The West Wing

I don't watch this show anymore. It's hard to believe, considering how much I once loved it.

Anthony LaPaglia ~ Without a Trace

He surprised me by winning at the Golden Globes, and maybe he'll take this one, too. I've never seen this show. (Joe, I can categorically say that you are not a bigger banana-head.)

Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Jennifer Garner ~ Alias

I still really like this show, and she's a big reason. I want to hate her for her beautiful body and for having Michael Vartan both on- and off-screen, but I can't. I think she's great on this show. She really does the whole strength/vulnerability fusion well.

Amber Tamblyn ~ Joan of Arcadia

This nomination makes me the happiest of this entire list. She is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and she has soundly anchored a really strong show. She deserves this.

Mariska Hargitay ~ Law & Order: SVU

I am really surprised that she was nominated. I've never been a fan of any of the one million L&O shows, and this is no exception. She bugged the ever-living crap out of me on ER, and I guess I've never liked her since. (My two best friends might kill me for saying this, because they LOVE this show.)

Edie Falco ~ The Sopranos

I haven't made it to the end of last season yet, but based on what I've heard about her performance at its end, this is a lock for her.

Allison Janney ~ The West Wing

No idea how she's done recently because I haven't watched it, but I'm sure she's been great.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Jeffrey Tambor ~ Arrested Development

Somehow I usually miss this show, but when I have seen it, it has made me almost pee in my pants. I am SO glad it's getting noticed by the Emmys! I think he is great as the imprisoned dad.

Brad Garrett ~ Everybody Loves Raymond

Step aside, dude.

Peter Boyle ~ Everybody Loves Raymond

It's his turn.

David Hyde Pierce ~ Frasier

Did y'all hear about this?

Sean Hayes ~ Will & Grace

I'm kind of bored of this show now.

Note: Peter Boyle needs to win, because it's only fair. I think every single other person in the cast has won. And that John C. McGinley has not taken the spot of Pierce or Hayes is just a crying shame.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Doris Roberts ~ Everybody Loves Raymond

She's already won, so moving on.

Kim Cattrall ~ Sex & the City

I've only seen the first half of the season, but admittedly I have grown to like her more and more as the years have gone by.

Cynthia Nixon ~ Sex & the City

Is there anyone who can possibly even argue that she has not always been the best actress on this show? Come on, people! She needs to win. That's all there is to it. She's so good. She has consistently amazed me. Miranda is the most complex character of the bunch, and Cynthia Nixon deserves a lot of the credit for that.

Kristin Davis ~ Sex & the City

Well, it is about time! Jesus. Isn't this her first Emmy nomination? It is long overdue. She fills up with emotion and tears better than anyone else on the show, and that is what I love most about her. Charlotte is a character I always sort of wanted to dislike, but I could never do it, especially in the later seasons, because Kristin Davis made me love her. I am so, so glad she has finally been recognized.

Megan Mullally ~ Will & Grace

She's always good, but she's already won.

Note: I have a feeling that the Sex girls will split the vote, and it will go to Doris Roberts or Megan Mullally, and I will yawn. I would LOVE to see Cynthia Nixon win, and I would fall off the couch in shock and clap a lot if Kristin Davis should win.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Victor Garber ~ Alias

Yay! He's kind of always doing the same thing, I mean, being stoic and loving and badass at the same time, but he pulls it off so well, and I think he'd give a great speech.

Brad Dourif ~ Deadwood

I haven't seen this.

Michael Imperioli ~ The Sopranos

I'd say it's time for him to win, wouldn't you? I am scared of Christopher, and I think he's loathsome and horrible, but he also intrigues me, and I also pity him.

Steve Buscemi ~ The Sopranos

He hasn't appeared yet in the parts of the season I've seen, and I don't think he should take this over Imperioli who's been giving it his all for all these seasons.

John Spencer ~ Leo McGarry

Love him, he's already won, moving on.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Robin Weigert ~ Deadwood

I haven't seen this.

Tyle Daly ~ Judging Amy

Well, Tyne Daly is just one of those people who is always awesome. Always. She's a big part of what has brought me around to really liking this show, which I used to HATE, because I just never really gave it a chance. I've loved seeing her kind of come alive again in her romance storyline this season. But how many? How many times can she win?

Drea de Matteo ~ The Sopranos

I have this weird feeling that she will win this year, because I think Adriana's latest storyline is so fresh on everybody's minds, and I think people will want to recognize her work on the show. And I think people will want to see her on stage to see what she'll wear and what she'll say.

Janel Maloney ~ The West Wing

I'm just so bored of this show. I really liked her when I watched it, but I have no idea what's going on. She and Josh could be married by now for all I know.

Stockard Channing ~ The West Wing

Unless her role has gotten a lot bigger than it used to be, I still don't think she deserves to be in this category, even though she is clearly awesome.

Outstanding Drama Series

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The only episode of this show I have ever seen is the one when the girl had an affair with her sister's husband and they put her in a barrel and burned her up. Or something.

Joan of Arcadia

It seems so rare that a new little show like this is recognized, and I am thrilled about it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you've never seen this show, it's not what you think it is. It's not like 7th Heaven. It's not even really about God. I mean, obviously, it is, but it's really just about a family and the people they know and the struggles they go through. Joan is the main character, but it has done such a great job of developing the parents, the brothers, the friends, and even the guest characters and the different Gods that it's really remarkable. The music is dead-on perfect, the overall look of the show -- down to the smallest details -- is gorgeous, the acting is solid all-around, the editing is I have to say pretty swell, it will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. It's just a great show, and I really can't wait to see how it evolves in the (hopefully many) coming years.

The Sopranos

Has this ever beaten The West Wing at the Emmys? Surely it is time?


I think Everwood should be in this slot. That is all.

The West Wing

If this wins AGAIN? Seriously? When it is so far past its prime? I will actually be pissed!

Outstanding Comedy Series

Arrested Development

I think an upset win by this little show would be the perfect ending to Emmy night. But nothing really cool like that ever happens on the Emmys, so I think it's wishful thinking. Still, just that it's nominated is shocking considering that it was on the brink of cancellation all season, so I am happy about that. It takes a lot of chances and it's afraid to be totally weird in a totally smart way, and that's refreshing to see on television.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I've never seen it.

Everybody Loves Raymond

I can't really say if it's past its prime because I haven't watched it for the last couple of years.

Sex & the City

I guess this will win because it's over, and that's fine by me. I'm not ashamed to say that I loved this show and that it was a big part of my life, even though I only ever saw it on DVD.

Will & Grace

Scrubs is funnier, more original, less tired, and so much more must-see-tv than this show that it's really stupid that it's not nominated. And that is my decree.

Overall, I'm glad to see that Louise Fletcher was nominated for her guest appearance as Joan's piano teacher, because that was a brilliant episode, and she broke my heart in it. Glad to see James Earl Jones nominated for another piano teacher role on Everwood, because at least the show got SOMETHING. Also great to see The Amazing Race back up for best reality show. I guess some recognition of The O.C. was too much to hope for. For more on the Emmys, go here.

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