July 10, 2006


Oh, weekends, they go by so quickly.

Sushi take-out.

An Inconvenient Truth, which was terrifying, interesting, and a complete bore all at once.

Coffee and muffins with my cousin, who's lending me his fancy sleeping bag and whose amazing apartment I now covet with every fiber of my being. Family discussions and dissections.

Getting slaughtered at Scrabble.

Seeing a very affecting photography exhibit in disbelief that the one-year anniversary is next month.

Drinking beer in the afternoon.

Paella and shrimp pasta and bread with garlic butter. More beer.

White chocolate raspberry scones and almond croissants.

Lazing around.

Grocery shopping and car cleaning and weight machines.

Lots of desperately needed rain.

Superman Returns with my little brother, really the only person on earth with whom to see it. Sharing popcorn and a coke and bites of Twix. The music is awesome. The music makes the whole thing.

About this time in ...



they bought me coca-cola lite and ice cream and we stayed out til 5 am and it felt like midnight. it was beautiful. i love the greeks. and let me tell you, that night, the greeks were loving each other. strangers hugging and kissing. men kiss each other on the cheek here in celebration. it was beautiful.



I called my mom and took off my glasses so I couldn't really see it as I swept it into the dustpan.

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