January 20, 2004

Baby Weekend

I have just returned from a weekend of freezing my ass off, nearly busting it while maneuvering unsteadily on the icy sidewalks, reading trashy entertainment magazines with my two oldest friends, eating Indian food, eating pizza, eating crackers and hummus, getting barfed on, drinking wine, gaping at what I am told was actualy a very small amount of snow like an alien from an arid planet, reading The Time Traveler's Wife, eating purple potato and spinach frittata and the most scrumptious grits north of the Mason-Dixon Line, drinking brandied hot apple cider, eating coffee gelato, holding the cutest baby of all time, and demanding that others take numerous pictures of said baby and myself for posterity, to record these first moments we ever spent together, this non-blood relative of mine whom I claim as my niece, when she was only five weeks old.

And now I will relentlessly post a lot of inevitably slow-loading pictures because there is little else to say other than I loved being with these oldest and dearest of friends and hogging this baby and seeing some newer friends and watching all of these friends see each other. And that I miss them all already, and that my friend is a great mom, and that finishing The Time Traveler's Wife somewhere over Tennessee forced tears out my dehydrated airplane eyes, and that I want this baby to be lying on my chest right now, and if I never see any amount of snow ever again, it will be too soon.

the new mom and the non-blood relative aunties

please behold how content she is lying on my legs

the 'nonmaternal one' being quite maternal

channeling olivia newton john during the 'physical' era

forcing her mercilessly to pose in the laundry

she's not very fond of this activity

brunch at fork
Tracing, Elizabeth, Kate, Me, Kymm, and Corina

more brunching
Tracing, Corina, and Kymm

we are as one!

me and my new favorite human, chillin' in our jammies and plotting a return to the south

please note the tiger-inspired color scheme of this scene


About this time in ...



I caught part of the cast of The Hours on Oprah: After the Show last night, and S. asked, "What is all this hype about The Hours?"


And I do not know where these thoughts are coming from, because I know that I am one hundred percent sure that I'm marrying the right person, and that is the decision about that day that really matters.


In other news, we watched The Rookie last night, and though it dragged a little at parts, it made me cry a total of ten times.



It's like the fear I've had, waiting for the day when it all falls apart, that fear is fading away.


Then the cashier started picking up her phone and paging this manager and that supervisor and filling out forms and all the while the people in line were seriously about to erupt into mutiny.



Patricia Arquette is luminous to me in that movie. I understand why Christian Slater shoots up the world to defend her honor. Is that depraved of me? Probably.


I've said it before and I'll said it again, there are certain people whom, when I'm with them, I feel like it's a sheer impossibility that anyone else on the planet is having as much fun as we are at that moment in time.


Maybe he was driven into such hostility by his inability to understand why no one else wanted to see or say the truth about things.

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